Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 7-11 PM EST
Everette's Natural Beauty School/Salon
227 Iron Street, Loft 133, Detroit, MI 48207

Ujamaa, or Cooperative Economics, urges Black communities to invest in themselves financially on the fourth day of Kwanzaa by operating or supporting Black establishments and creating ways to earn profits together. 

The City of ArtZ is a virtual city where the arts are celebrated and seen as a viable way of creating income and prosperity for families of the common performing artists in all art disciplines, i.e., music, performing arts, fine arts, photography, theatre, dance, film, writing, etc.. 


Since the City of ArtZ is virtual, we are able to be blessed, entertained, taught and inspired by artists from all over the world, which enables us to stream live or recorded performances/classes/ conferences/concerts 24/7 from around the world in various languages as well.